Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. There are features on this site that will hopefully meet the needs of a number of people who visit. There is a place to hear the some of the hymns from my CD, Solace & Grace. There are also some brief descriptions of the hymns. If you are a guitar player, I have attempted to explain some of the tunings and the special capo configurations that were utilized on Solace & Grace.

Iguitarsf you have an interest in vintage instruments, there are pictures of all the instruments used on this recording with a written description and history for each instrument. For the individual who may be interested in recording their own CD, I have included some of my recording techniques and the equipment used in my home studio. I do this to encourage others to do what I have done here. Lastly, if you are here to purchase a CD, you have come to the right place. Please sample some of the hymns from the CD so you can decide whether or not to make a purchase with confidence.

What I hope you hear is easy listening music consisting of traditional hymns with decent guitar playing on great vintage instruments. It is my hope that Solace & Grace can put your mind and heart in a good place. What you will hear are the true voices of each guitar, much like what you would hear if you listened to my playing in my living room. The only difference is that there is more than one of me on each track. The arrangements of these hymns are all original and this recording process allowed me to do what I do best, backup another player. In this instance, I accompany myself. Some of the hymns have very sparse backing tracks of guitar and mandolin, while other hymns are more akin to guitar duets.

Solace for the Season
A Christmas Collection
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John Warstler: Solace For The Season

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