Traditional marketing for Solace & Grace probably won’t work as I am full time Speech/Language Pathologist in the public schools. This pretty much eliminates any possibility of touring. Therefore, I have decided to offer my CD as a fundraiser to any nonprofit group that is interested in using Solace & Grace. Being part of the public schools, I have bought my share of candy, flowers, magazines and pizzas for fundraisers. Sometimes the values are decent, but many times they are not. My terms will allow groups to sell my CD for the usual retail price, not an inflated value. If your church, school, youth group or any other organization has an interest in this, please write me for specific terms. In short, I am willing to provide CD’s with no upfront costs and no minimum order. I expect the organization to sell Solace & Grace for $15.00 and I will allow the organization to keep a generous portion of this money in return. The only variables that I anticipate are the shipping charges and those costs will be the actual cost to ship the package(s) without handling charges.

If interested please email me through the contact page.

Thank you, John Warstler